Aesop's Fables




Prod. Notes:


1920 - 1933,  theatrical

Fables Studios, Van Beuren Studios









Hundreds of fables are attributed to Aesop, who is dated to have lived around 620 B.C. (although his historical existence as a person is questionable.) These popular "children's" tales are still widely read, and their moral significance is as pertinent today as when they were written.

Animated shorts based on Aesop's classic tales were first produced by Fables Studios and released in theaters from 1920-28. At the end of 1928 Van Beuren Studios took over production of the series, which lasted until 1933.

When Fables Studios first began production of the cartoons, the medium was still in its infancy and film makers did not yet have the benefit of adding sound to their films. Van Beuren Studios' 1928 Aesop's Fable cartoon "Dinner Time" holds the distinction of being the very first cartoon produced and released as a sound cartoon. It premiered at the Mark Strand Theater in New York and used the RCA Photo phone sound system. Walt Disney called the cartoon "a lot of racket and nothing else." Note: "Steamboat Willie" was originally conceived and produced as a silent cartoon, with sound added just before release.

In 1945, new Aesops (without the 's) Fables cartoons were produced under the Terrytoons banner and shown on television.



Animated shorts:


Fables Studios




The Animal Aviators

A Cat's Life

Day at the Park

On the Air

Wedding Bells

Wonders of the Deep




Cats at Law

Mice at War

Mice in Council

The Cat and the Canary

The Country Mouse and City Mouse

The Donkey in Lion's Skin

The Fashionable Fox

The Fox and the Crow

The Fox and the Goat

The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

The Hare and Frogs

The Hare and the Tortoise

The Hermit and the Bear

The Lioness and the Bugs

The Rooster and the Eagle

The Wolf and the Crane

The Cat and the Monkey

The Dog and the Bone

The Fly and the Ant

The Frog and the Ox

The Owl and the Grasshopper

Venus and the Cat

The Woman and the Hen

The Frogs That Wanted a King

The Conceited Donkey

The Wolf and the Kid

The Wayward Dog

The Cat and the Mice

The Dog and the Flea




Chemistry Lesson

The Bear and the Bees

The Cat and the Swordfish

The Dog and the Thief

The Farmer and the Ostrich

The Fox and the Grapes

The Miller and His Donkey

The Spendthrift

The Tiger and the Donkey

The Villain in Disguise

The Dissatisfied Cobbler

The Lion and the Mouse

The Rich Cat and the Poor Cat

The Wicked Cat

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Boy and the Dog

The Eternal Triangle

Love at First Sight

The Model Diary

The Dog and the Wolves

The Hunter and His Dog

The Maid and the Millionaire

The Cat and the Pig

The Farmer and His Cat

Crime in a Big City

The Boastful Cat

The Brewing Trouble

The Country Mouse and City Cat

The Dog and the Fish

The Mischievous Cat

The Worm That Turned

The Farmer and the Mice

The Fearless Fido

The Mechanical Horse

The Dog and the Mosquito

The Two Explorers

The Two Slick Traders

The Elephant's Trunk

The Enchanted Fiddle

The Hated Rivals

The Henpecked Henry

The Romantic Mouse

The Two of a Trade

The Rolling Stone

Friday the Thirteenth

Henry's Busted Romance

The Fortune Hunters

The Man Who Laughs

The Dog's Paradise

The Frog and the Catfish

Two Trappers

A Stone Age Romeo

Cheating the Cheaters




A Fisherman's Jinx

A Raisin and a Cake

The Alley Cat

The Gliders

The Mysterious Hat

The Sheik

The Spider and the Fly

The Traveling Salesman

Troubles on the Ark

Day by Day in Every Day

One Hard Pull

Pharaoh's Tomb

The Gamblers

The Jolly Rounders

A Fishy Story

Amateur Night on the Ark


The Mouse Catcher


The Stork's Mistake

The Beauty Parlor

The Burglar Alarm

The Covered Pushcart

Do Women Pay?

The Pace That Kills

Mysteries of the Seas

The Bad Bandit

The Great Explorers

The Marathon Dancers

The Pearl Divers

The Nine of Spades

The Cat That Failed

The Cat's Revenge

The Walrus Hunters

Derby Day

Love in a Cottage

The Cat's Whiskers

Aged in the Wood

The Circus

The High Flyers


A Dark Horse

Farmer Al Falfa's Pet Cat

Happy Go Luckies

The Best Man Wins

The Five Fifteen

The Cat That Came Back

The Morning After

The Animals' Fair

Five Orphans of the Storm

Good Old Days

All Star Cast




The Black Sheep

A Rural Romance

Good Old College Days

The Rat's Revenge

Captain Kidder

From Rags to Riches

Herman the Great Mouse

The All-Star Cast

Why Mice Leave Home

Runnin' Wild

The Champion

A Trip to the Pole

Anideal Farm

Horneless Pups

If Noah Lived Today

The Jealous Fisherman

When Winter Comes

The Jolly Jail Bird

The Organ Grinder

That Old Can of Mine

Home Talent

One Good Turn

The Body in the Bag

Desert Sheiks

A Woman's Honor

The Sport of the Kings

Amelia Comes Back

Flying Fever

House Cleaning

The Prodigal Pup

A Message from the Sea

The Barnyard Olympics

In the Good Old Summer Time

The Mouse That Turned

A Lighthouse by the Sea

Hawks of the Sea

Noah's Outing

Black Magic

Monkey Business

She Knew Her Man

The Cat and the Magnet

Good Old Circus Days

Lumber Jacks

Down on the Farm

Mysteries of Old Chinatown

On the Ice

Sham Shooters

She's in Again

African Huntsmen

One Game Pup

Hold That Thought

Biting the Dust




Bigger and Better Jails

Fisherman's Luck

Transatlantic Flight

In Dutch

Jungle Bike Riders

The Pie Man

Clean Up Week

At the Zoo

Housing Shortage


Permanent Waves

The Adventures of Adenoid

Darkest Africa

Runaway Balloon

When Men Were Men

Wine, Women and Song

Bugville Field Day

Office Help

Over the Plate


Yarn About Yarn

Barnyard Follies

The Window Washers

Deep Stuff'

Hungry Hounds

Nuts And Squirrels

The Lion and the Monkey

Ugly Duckling


Closer Than a Brother

The Hero Wins

The Honor System

Wild Cats of Paris

Laundry Man

The Great Open Spaces

On the Links

Charleston Queen

Day's Outing

More Mice Than Brains

Noah Had His Troubles

The Bonehead Age

The English Channel Swim

The Haunted House




Coast to Coast

The Huntsman

Hunting in 1950

Lighter Than Air

Little Brown Jug

The June Bride

The Wind Jammers

Three Blind Mice

Wicked City

The Mail Coach

The Merry Blacksmith

Scrambled Eggs

Fire Fighters

Big Hearted Fish

Farm Hands

Hearts and Showers

Rough and Ready Romeo

The Shootin' Fool

An Alpine Flapper

Liquid Dynamite

A Bumper Crop


Chop Suey and Noodle

Jungle Sports

Plumber's Life

The Land Boom

Pirates Gold

Little Parade

The Last Ha Ha

A Knight Out

Watered Stock

Why Argue

Phoney Express

Buck Fever

Hitting the Rails

Home Sweet Home

In Vaudeville

Radio Controlled

Through Thick and Thin

Bars and Stripes

Musical Parrot

School Days

Where Friendship Ceases




Ant Life As It Isn't

Monkey Shines

Rats in His Garret

Short Circuit

The Mouse's Bride

Chasing Rainbows

Plow Boy's Revenge

Tit for Tat

The Mail Pilot

All For a Bride

Cracked Ice

Taking the Air

The Honor Man

A Fair Exchange

Bubbling Over

Pie-Eyed Piper

When Snow Flies

Horses, Horses, Horses

A Dog's Day

Big Reward

Crawl Stroke Kid

Died in the Wool

Digging For Gold

Hard Cider

One Man Dog

Riding High

Ant Life as It Isn't

Red Hot Sands

Cutting a Melon

Line and Sinker

The Small-Town Sheriff'

All Bull and Yard Wide

Human Fly

In Again, Out Again

River of Doubt

Lindy's Cat

The Big Tent

Brave Heart

Saved by a Keyhole

The Fox Hunt

Flying Hunters




Happy Days

In the Bag

Flying Age

War Bride


Alaska Or Bust

Sunday on the Farm

Monkey Love

Big Game

Laundry Man

On the Links

Day Off

Barnyard Politics

Flying Hoofs

Gridiron Demons

Mail Man

White Elephant

Land 0' Cotton




The Water Cure

Break of the Day

Snapping the Whip

Wooden Money

Sweet Adeline

Queen Bee

Grandma's House

Back to the Soil

Lad and His Lamp


Fight Game

Homeless Cats

Little Game Hunter

Custard Pies

Ball Park

Fish Day

Polo Match

Snow Birds


In His Cups

The Cold Steel

A Midsummer's Day

Farmer's Goat

3 Game Guys

Enchanted Flute

Fruitful Farm

The Cabaret



Van Beuren Studios




Dinner Time




The Faithful Pup


The Jail Breakers


Presto Chango

Skating Hounds

Stage Struck

House Cleaning Time

A Stone Age Romance

The Big Scare

Jungle Fool

Fly's Bride

Summer Time

Mill Pond

Barnyard Melody

Tuning In

Night Club

A Close Call




The Iron Man

Ship Ahoy

Singing Saps

Sky Skippers

Good Old Schooldays

Dixie Days

Western Whoopee

The Haunted Ship

Noah Knew His Ark

Oom Pah Pah

A Romeo Robin

Jungle Jazz

Snow Time

Hot Tamale

Laundry Blues

Frozen Frolics

Farm Foolery

Circus Capers


The Big Cheeze

Gypped in Egypt

The Office Boy

Stone Age Stunts

King of the Bugs




A Toytown Tale

Red Riding Hood

The Animal Fair

Cowboy Blues

Radio Racket

College Capers

Old Hokum Guy

Play Ball

Fisherman's Luck

Pale Face Pup

Making 'em Move

Fun on the Ice

Big Game

Love in a Pond

Fly Hi

The Family Shoe

Fairyland Follies

Horse Cops

Cowboy Cabaret

In Dutch

The Last Dance




Toy Time

A Romeo Monk

Fly Frolic

The Cat's Canary

Magic Art

Happy Polo

Spring Antics


Circus Romance

Stone Age Error

Chinese Jinks

The Ball Game

Wild Goose Chase

Nursery Scandal

Bring 'em Back Half-Shot

Down in Dixie

Catfish Romance

Feathered Follies

Venice Camp

Hokum Hotel

Picaninny Blues

A Yarn of Wood

Bugs and Books




Silvery Moon

Tumble Down Town

Love's Labor Won

A Dizzy Day

Barking Dogs

The Bully's End

Indian Whoopee

Fresh Ham

Roug on Rats

Aesop's Fables: The Mosquito

Aesop's Fables: Foiling The Fox

Aseop's Fables: Golden Egg Goosie

Happy Valley

Sparky the Firelfy

The First Flying Fish

Aesop's Fables: The Tiger King



Opening Themes:



from "A Close Call" (1929)

from "The Animal Fair" (1931)





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