Betty Boop




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1932 - 1939,  theatrical

Fleischer Studios




Betty Boop ................................................................................ Mae Questel

Betty Boop ................................................................................. Kate Wright





Betty Boop made her debut in Dizzy Dishes (released August 9, 1930), a Max Fleischer cartoon, in which she sang in a cabaret full of funny animals. Her creation is credited to animator Myron "Grim" Natwick. She wasn't quite herself in that first outing - for one thing, she wasn't the star, but appeared only in one brief scene; and for another, she was depicted as a dog. But her characteristic "Boop-oop-a-doop" was there right from the beginning.

La Boop remained in her original form through a half-dozen more cartoons. In 1931's Mask-A-Raid, her doggie ears became sexy earrings and her boyfriend, Bimbo, became her pet. The "Boop-oop-a-doop" bit continued unchanged. Once humanized, Betty remained so, but her relationship with Bimbo could be anything from master-dog to partners-in-adventure to lovers, depending on the needs of the cartoon. An earlier Fleischer Studio star, Koko the Clown, tho no longer able to sustain a series of his own, became a frequent Boop co-star.

Boop cartoons of this era could be whimsical, like Crazy Town (1932); melodramatic, like She Wronged Him Right (1934), or surreal, like Snow White (1933), whose wicked queen uttered a "Mirror, mirror" rhyme four years before Disney's, in his version of the story. Many, such as I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal, You (1932) and The Old Man of the Mountain (1933) functioned mainly as what would now be called "music videos". One thing they always were was sexy.

This changed when censorship swept through Hollywood. Betty's skirts became longer and her curves less pronounced. She played a good girl, sometimes even a housewife. The spark gone, she was eventually laid to rest. Her last cartoon of the Fleischer era was Rhythm on the Reservation (1939).

But Betty never quite faded from the scene. The cartoons of her golden age turned up on 1950's TV, as fillers on cable, on bargain bin videos. Inexpensive licensed products, such as stickers and bookmarks, appear regularly. Even an occasional comic or cartoon turns up once in awhile (including a newspaper strip, running 1984-88, in which she co-starred with Felix the Cat). And like so many diverse toons, she had a role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The current image of Betty Boop is cute, fun, and just a little bit teasingly sexy.

To those who know the original Fleischer cartoons, she is all of that. But more - she is also La Boop, an enduring little piece of a never-to-be-recaptured era of American film history.



Animated shorts:




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The Old Man Of The Mountain

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Morning, Noon And Night

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She Wronged Him Right

Red Hot Mamma

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Betty In Blunderland

Betty Boop's Rise To Fame

Betty Boop's Trial

Betty Boop's Life Guard

There's Something About A Soldier

Betty Boop's Little Pal

Betty Boop's Prize Show

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Baby Be Good

Taking The Blame

Stop That Noise

Swat The Fly

No! No! A Thousand Times No!

A Little Soap and Water

A Language All My Own

Betty Boop and Grampy

Judge For A Day

Making Stars

Betty Boop, with Henry, The Funniest Living American

Little Nobody




Betty Boop and the Little King

Not Now

Betty Boop and Little Jimmy

We Did It

A Song A Day

More Pep

You're Not Built That Way

Happy You And Merry Me

Training Pigeons

Grampy's Indoor Outing

Be Human

Making Friends




House Cleaning Blues

Whoops! I'm A Cowboy

The Hot Air Salesman

Pudgy Takes A Bow-Wow

Pudgy Picks A Fight

The Impractical Joker

Ding Dong Doggie

The Candid Candidate

Service With A Smile

The New Deal Show

The Foxy Hunter

Zula Hula




Riding The Rails

Be Up To Date

Honest Love And True

Out Of The Inkwell

Swing School

Pudgy And The Lost Kitten

Buzzy Boop

Pudgy The Watchman

Buzzy Boop At The Concert

Sally Swing

On With The New

Pudgy In Thrills And Chills




My Friend The Monkey

So Does An Automobile

Musical Mountaineers

The Scared Crows

Yip Yip Yippy

Rhythm On The Reservation



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