Farmer Al Falfa and His Terrytoons Pals





Prod. Notes:


1956,  syndicated

Bray Productions, Terrytoons










Paul Terry’s silent Terrytoons creations found new life with the dawn of the television era. Farmer Al Falfa, Ignatz Mouse, Kiko the Kangaroo and other bouncy, lively creations had gone out of style once the “talkies” took over in the late 1920’s, but with TV programmers hungry for material to fill their broadcast schedules, the original Terrytoons got a second chance at the big time.

Farmer Al Falfa and the gang first appeared on network television in CBS’ 1953 series Barker Bill’s Cartoon Show. New titles and new sound effects were added to the old shorts, and Farmer Al Falfa was renamed Farmer Gray. Even with the changes, the old bits were timeless - animals playing tricks on Farmer Al, a cow going on an alcohol-fueled rampage, the farmer’s puppy getting into mischief with pipes, trucks and a fighting rooster, and so on.

After Barker Bill’s Cartoon Show went off the air, Farmer Al Falfa got his old name back for a new syndicated package, Farmer Al Falfa And His Terrytoons Pals. Along with Al’s regular stable of barnyard shenanigans, the package included other Terrytoons shorts like the “Aesop’s Fables” series, many of which starred Al himself.

The syndicated series was still a hit with kids, and Farmer Al continued to tickle the funnybones of several generations, turning up everywhere from video compilations to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Still today, wherever classic cartoons are loved and admired, Farmer Al Falfa And His Terrytoons Pals will be found.



Farmer Al Falfa animated shorts:


Bray Productions




Farmer Al Falfa's Catastrophe

Farmer Al Falfa Invents a Kite

Farmer Al Falfa's Scientific Diary

Farmer Al Falfa and his Tentless Circus

Farmer Al Falfa's Watermelon Patch

Farmer Al Falfa's Egg-Citement

Farmer Al Falfa's Revenge

Farmer Al Falfa Wolfhound

Farmer Al Falfa See's New York

Farmer Al Falfa's Prune Plantation

Farmer Al Falfa's Blind Pig




Farmer Al Falfa's Wayward Pup




The Bone of Contention




The Farmer and the Ostrich

The Farmer and the Cat




Farmer Al Falfa's Bride

Farmer Al Falfa's Pet Cat







Club Sandwich


The Explorer

The Sultan's Cat

Canadian Capers

The Champ




Noah's Outing

Ye Olde Songs


Farmer Alfalfa's Bedtime Story

Spring Is Here

Farmer Alfalfa's Ape Girl

Farmer Alfalfa's Birthday Party




Tropical Fish


The Village Blacksmith

Robinson Crusoe




The Owl And The Pussycat

Why Mules Leave Home




What A Night

Old Dog Tray

Flying Oil

Moans And Groans

A June Bride




The 19th Hole Club

Home Town Olympics

The Alpine Yodeler

Barnyard Amateurs

The Western Trail

Rolling Stones

The Runt

The Hot Spell

Puddy the Pup And The Gypsies

Farmer Al Falfa's Prize Package

The Health Farm

Farmer Al Falfa's Twentieth Anniversary




The Tin Can Tourist

The Big Game Hunt

Flying South

The Mechanical Cow

Pink Elephants

Trailer Life

A Close Shave

The Dancing Bear





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