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1919 - 1930,  theatrical

Pat Sullivan Studio




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Felix the Cat was created in 1919 by Pat Sullivan, Otto Messmer and John King as a way to enhance the Paramount Screen Magazine newsreels with bursts of cartoon relief. His films would eventually be released by Paramount Pictures (1919-21), M. J. Winkler (1922-25), Educational Pictures (1925-28), First National (1928-29), and Copley Pictures (1929-31).

From his first appearance, with his expressive mannerisms and detachable, multi-functional tail, Felix was a hit. He remained arguably the world's most popular cartoon character until 1928, when sound was introduced into film. Creator Sullivan refused to convert to the new technology, and the popularity of Felix was quickly eclipsed by Disney's Mickey Mouse, who made an early and successful transition to sound. The Sullivan Studio, which never did embrace sound in its films, went into decline. When Sullivan died in 1933, it closed its doors. Messmer then left animation to concentrate on comic strips about Felix, which he had started in 1923, and which lasted until 1966.

But cats do indeed have nine lives, and it was not long before Felix adapted to the world of sound. In 1936, the rights to the character were sold to Van Beuren studios, and Felix was featured in several Rainbow Parade cartoons. He was talking, singing and in Technicolor for the first time, but was ultimately used in only three shorts: "The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg," "Neptune Nonsense" and "Bold King Cole."

In 1959, the resourceful feline was brought back for a new Felix the Cat series, this time made for television. The series was produced by Casper the Friendly Ghost creator Joe Oriolo and introduced the magical bag of tricks that Felix would best become known for. The show lasted for two seasons, but was responsible for worldwide Felix licensing and merchandising that would remain strong for years to come.

Felix returned in 1994 on CBS, in a series of five-second commercial bumpers. The spots sparked an interest for a new generation of viewers, with the result that one year later the cat came back in the all-new The Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat.



Animated shorts:




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Felix the Ghost Breaker

In Dutch

With the Cowboys

Felix Wins Out

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Felix Wins and Loses

Felix All Puzzled

Felix Follows the Swallows

Felix Rests in Peace

Felix Gets His Fill

Felix Full O' Fight

Felix Outwits Cupid

Felix Monkeys with Magic

Felix Cops the Prize

Felix Gets the Can

Felix Dopes It Out

Felix Trifles with Time

Felix Busts into the Business

Felix Shatters the Sheik

Felix Trips Thru Toyland

Felix on the Farm

Felix on the Job

The Cold Rush

Eats Are West

Felix Tries the Trades

Felix at Rainbow's End

Felix Kept on Walking




Felix Spots the Spook

Felix Flirts with Fate


Felix Fans the Flames

Felix Laughs It Off

Felix Weathers the Weather

Felix Uses His Head

Felix Misses the Cue

Felix Braves the Briny

A Tale of Two Kitties

Felix Scoots Thru Scotland

Felix Rings the Ringer

School Daze

Felix Seeks Solitude

Felix Misses His Swiss

Gym Gems

Two-Lip Time

Scrambled Yeggs

Felix Hunts the Hunter

Land O'Fancy

Felix Butts a Bubble

Reverse English

Felix Trumps the Ace

Felix Collars in the Button

Zoo Logic




Felix Dines and Pines


Icy Eyes

Felix Stars in Stripes

Felix Sees 'Em in Season

Barn Yams

Germ Mania

Sax Appeal

Eye Jinks

Felix the Cat as Romeeow

Felix Ducks His Duty


Loco Motive

Art for Heart's Sake

The Travel-Hog

Jack from All Trades

The Non-Stop Fright

Wise Guise

Flim Flam Films

Felix Switches Witches

No Fuelin'

Daze And Knights

Uncle Tom's Crabbin'

Whys and Other-Whys

Felix Hits the Deck

Felix Behind in Front




The Smoke Screen

Draggin' the Dragon

The Oily Bird

Ohm Sweet Ohm




Sure Locked Homes



In and Outlaws

Outdoor Indore



Jungle Bungles

The Last Life

Felix Woos Whoopee




False Vases

Forty Winks

One Good Turn




April Maze

Hootchy Kootchy Parlais Vous


Skulls and Sculls

Tee Time





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