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Moe and Gabby Legal Eagle

Prod. and Airdates:


1984, syndicated

Filmation Associates

Theme Song: Legal Eagle



egal Eagle was a segment on The Adventures of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. In the same vein as the Brown Hornet segment that preceded it by several years, Legal Eagle was a television show that the kids in the Fat Albert cartoon enjoyed watching - sort of a "show-within-a-show." The segment always dealt with subject matter that just happened to run parallel to the situation or problem the kids in the main cartoon were confronted with - in the process imparting to Fat Albert and the gang (and the kids at home) helpful advice.


Legal Eagle was just that, an eagle with a badge who enforced the law and kept the peace over the other animals in Fine Pine Forest. He was a no nonsense bird who had little trouble dealing with the seedier woodland creatures. To keep things interesting he had two nutty squirrel deputies named Moe (who wore a white hat) and Gabby (who wore an orange hat) to help him in his duties. Their real job, though (aside from comic relief), was to learn whatever message the episode was attempting to impart by the end of the segment.




Legal Eagle

Lou Scheimer


Gerald Edwards


Jan Crawford





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