Lupin III





Prod. Notes:


October 1971 - ?,  (original Japanese airdates)

Pioneer, Funimation, Manga Entertainment, Animeigo


Cast:  (1977, tv series)


Daisuke Jigen ...................................................................... Richard Epcar

Goemon Ishikawa ................................................................... Walter Lang

Inspector Zenigata ............................................................... Jake Martin

Lupin the 3rd ............................................................................ Tony Oliver

Fujiko Mine ........................................................................... Michelle Ruff






Lupin the 3rd, the world's most wanted thief, has starred in a string of television series, movies and specials since he made his debut on Japanese television in October 1971. A master of disguise and intricate planner, Lupin traveled the globe to steal the world's most exotic treasures. He was assisted by his partners in crime Jigen, a cool marksman of exceptional skill, and Goemon, strong and silent master samurai, who could cut through almost any substance with his katana, Zantetsu-Ken.

Lupin was doggedly pursued by Interpol Inspector Zenigata, who made it his life's mission to bring Lupin to justice. He would constantly interfere in Lupin's plans, but was always outwitted and frustrated in the end. Another regular was the sexy mystery woman Fujiko. Sometimes a rival for Lupin's targets and sometimes an ally, she was always a target for his heart, although she rarely returned the affection, preferring to focus on getting the job done and getting richer.

To date, Lupin III has been released by four different companies. Pioneer (the TV series), Funimation (the TV Specials), Manga Entertainment (The Castle of Cagliostro), and Animeigo (under the title name Rupan III). Many of the episodes and movies have aired at one time or another in the United States on Cartoon Network.



Series: (Japanese airdates)


Lupin III

1st TV Series, October 1971 - March 1972

Original Title: Rupan Sansei (Kyuu) [Lupin III (old)]

Episodes: 23 (see below for episode list)


Lupin III - Strange Psycho-kinetic Strategy

Live Action Movie, 1974


Lupin III

2nd TV Series, October 1977 - October 1980

Original Title: Rupan Sansei (Shin) [Lupin III (new)]

Episodes: 155 (see below for episode list)


Lupin III - Mystery of Mamo  (also: Mamoo's 1st copy or Lupin versus The Immortal Man)

1st Movie, 1978

Original Title: Rupan Sansei

Format: Theatrical Motion Picture

Running time: 105 minutes


Lupin III - Castle of Cagliostro

2nd Movie, 1979

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Kariosutoro no Shiro

Format: Theatrical Motion Picture

Running time: 100 minutes


Lupin III - Part III

3rd TV Series, March 1984 - September 1985

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Part III

Episodes: 50 (see below for episode list)


Lupin III - Legend of the Gold of Babylon

3rd Movie, 1985

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Babylon no Oogon Densetsu

Format: Theatrical Motion Picture

Running time: 100 minutes


Rupan III - Fuma Conspiracy

OVA, 1987

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Fuuma Ichizoku no Inbo (Lupin III - Plot of Fuma Clan)

Format: OVA (Original Video Animation)

Running time: 74 minutes


Lupin III Special 1 - Goodbye Lady Liberty!

1st TV Special, 1989

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Bai Bai Ribatii - Kiki Ippatsu! (Lupin III - Bye Bye Liberty - Burst the Crisis!)

Running time: 97 min.


Lupin III Special 2 - The Hemmingway Papers

2nd TV Special, 1990

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Heminguuei Peepaa no Nazo (Lupin III - Mystery of Hemingway Papers)

Running time: 92 min.


Lupin III Special 3 - The Race for Napoleon's Dictionary

3rd TV Special, 1991

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Naporeon no Jisho wo Ubae (Lupin III - Chase the Napoleon's Dictionary)

Running time: 90 min.


Lupin III Special 4 - Bank of Liberty

4th TV Special, 1992

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Roshia yori Ai wo Komete (Lupin III - From Russia with Love)

Running time: 90 min.


Lupin III Special 5 - Voyage to Danger (also: Lupin III - Dark Order to Kill Lupin)

5th TV Special, 1993

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Rupan Ansatsu Shirei (Lupin III - Orders to Assassinate Lupin)

Running time: 91 min.


Lupin III Special 6 - Dragon of Doom

6th TV Special, 1994

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Moeyo Zantetsu Ken (Lupin III - Zantetsu Sword is on Fire)

Running time: 91 min.


Cliff Hanger - Farewell to Nostradamus

4th Movie, 1995

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Kutabare! Nosutoradamusu (Lupin III - Die! Nostradamus)

Format: Theatrical Motion Picture

Running time: 100 minutes


Lupin III Special 7 - Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure

7th TV Special, 1995

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Harimao no Zaiho wo oe!! (Lupin III - The Hunt for Harimao's Treasure)

Running time: 91 min.


Cliff Hanger - Dead or Alive

5th Movie, 1996

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Dead or Alive (Lupin III - Dead or Alive)

Format: Theatrical Motion Picture

Running time: about 97 minutes


Lupin III Special 8 - The Secret of Twilight Gemini

8th TV Special, 1996

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Towairaito Jemini no Himitsu - The Legend of Twilight Gemini (Lupin III - The Secret of Twilight Gemini - The Legend of Twilight Gemini)

Running time: 90 min.


Lupin III Special 9 - Island of Assassins

9th TV Special, 1997

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Warusa P38 - In Gedenken an die Walther P38 (Lupin III - Walther P38 - In Memory of the Walther P38)

Running time: 93 min.


Lupin III Special 10 - Crisis in Tokyo

10th TV Special, 1998

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Honou no Kioku - Tokyo Crisis (Lupin III - Memory of Blaze - Tokyo Crisis)

Running time: 92 min.


Lupin III Special 11 - The Columbus Files

11th TV Special, 1999

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Ai no da capo - FUJIKO's Unlucky Days (Lupin III - Da Capo of Love - FUJIKO's Unlucky Days)


Lupin III Special 12 - Missed By a Dollar

12th TV Special, 2000

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - 1$ Money Wars (Lupin III - 1$ Money Wars)

Running time: about 90 min.


Lupin III - Alcatraz Connection

13th TV Special, 2001

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Arukatorazu Konnekushion

Running time: 92 min.


Lupin III - The Living Magician - Return of Pycal

OVA, 2002

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Ikiteita Majutsushi

Format: OVA (Original Video Animation)

Running time: 48 minutes + (three endings of 2 minutes each)


Lupin III - Episode: 0 ~First Contact~

14th TV Special, 2002

Original Title: Rupan Sansei - Episode: 0 ~First Contact~

Running time: 92 min.






1st TV Series  (1971; unofficial American titles - translated from Japanese)


Lupin Is Burning ...?!

The Man They Call A Magician

Farewell, Lovable Magic Woman

One Chance For A Prison Break

13th Generation Goemon Is Here

The Rainy Afternoon Is Dangerous

One Wolf Calls Another

All Members Gather, Trump Strategy

Assassin Sings The Blues

Chase The Money Counterfeiter!

The Time The Seventh Bridge Falls

Who Is Laughing Last?

Beware The Time Machine!

Secret Of The Emerald

Capture Lupin To Go To Europe

Intercept Those Jewels!

Lupin Falls Into The Trap

Pay Attention To The Beauty Contest

Which 3rd Generation Will Win?

Arrest The Fake Lupin!

Save The Shrewish Girl!

The Predictive Computer's Tactics!

The Big Golden Showdown



2nd TV Series  (1977)


The Return of Lupin III

Buns, Guns, and Fun in the Sun

To Be, Or Nazi Be

50 Ways to Leave Your 50 Foot Lover

Gold Smuggling 101

Shaky Pisa

Cursed Case Scenario

The Disorient Express

Now Museum Now You Don't


Who's Vroomin Who?

Sleight Before Christmas

I Left My Mind in San Fransisco

Curse of the Jumbo Juju

Case of the Risible Dirigible

Crude Reproduction, Perfect Frame


My Birthday Pursuit

A Safe Bet

Hell Toupee

Last Mastery

Lupin in Paradise

Auntie Ballistic

Rats to You

The Lair of the Land-Shark

Shot Through the Heart

Little Princess of Darkness

Revenge of La Nerd


(The rest of the episodes have not been released in English as of this writing. The following titles have been translated from the Japanese titles, and are not official English titles.)


Thunderbolt! Pigeon Strategy

Feel The Heat Of Morocco Wind

Shoot To The Midnight Sun

Lupin Dies Twice

Who Is The Owner Of Orion's Crown?

Lupin Becomes A Vampire

Chase The Gorilla Gang!

Expose The Secret Of Tsukikage Castle

Jengiz Khan's Secret Money

A Sweet Trap Of ICPO

A Diamond Disappears In The Airport Of Hong Kong

The Missile-Jack Strategy

Make A Search For Princess Kaguya's Treasure

Lupin Is A Bride

Where Are The Bones Of Primitive Man Discovered At Peking?

The Armored Car Has Disappeared

The Homicide Tastes Are Like A Wine

On Sale! Make A Good By Lupin

Queen's Careless Bodyguard

Lupin Mocks At An Alarm

Sweet Lady Has Poison

My Lover Lupin, Part 1

My Lover Lupin, Part 2

Emaniel Sighs Angel Whisper

Crazy Phantoma Mark III

Detective Han-Shichi Kept His 10 Year's Promise

Flower Blizzard: Enigmatic Fifth Men, Part 1

Flower Blizzard: Enigmatic Fifth Men, Part 2

Who Will Win, Computer Or Lupin?

We Have To Say Good-Bye At The Border

Madame X's Wonderland

Death Flowers Are Blooming In India

Zantetsu-ken Is Flying In The Sky

A Devil Bells Ringing And Calls Lupin

Do Over Again Trap To Trap

Christmas Is Goddess Choice

Lupin's Enemy Is Lupin

Order: Shoot A Person To Death

Lupin's Big Adventure In Asia

In Casino Island: Reversal And Again Reversal

Tottsuan's Love

A Classic Thief And A Parrot

Lupin vs. Shinsengumi

A Skateboard Murder Case

Flowers And Storm To The Gorgeous Thief Race

The Frightening Chameleon Man

Unbecoming Style Of Wedding Dress For Miss Fujiko

Do You Know Shakespeare?

Lupin's Arrest With A Horoscope

The Robot Glittering Diamonds Eyes

The Requiem Of Lupin

Last Meal Is Instant Noodle

Fujiko, A Man Must Do His Duty

A Rescue Strategy For Tottsuan Hostage

Lupin's Great Western Adventure

Lupin's Revenge

ICPO's Secret Order

Masked Yakhou Is Coming

Devil Welcomes Lupin

Lupin Traveled Around The World From South-Pole To North-Pole

Play The Burglar's Symphony

The Villain Always Dies Hard

She Is A Time Traveler

The Madame And The Thief Quartet

Invader Strategy In The Great Wall Of China

Lupin vs. Superman

From The Ghost Ship With Love

Cooking Party With Lupin

Search For The Secret Of Lupin I

The Day That Tottsuan Disappeared

Combat Magnum Have Gone In Wildness

The Ultimate Strategy, To Steal The Famous Painting

Romantic Love In Versailles

Lupin Is Fond Of Chanel

The Wolf Meets An Angel

The Most Dnagerous Thing Is A Golden Bed

Holler Island, Lady Vanished In Onikubi

You Are Kitty, I'm Milk

A Wedding Ring Is A Cursed Trap

Zantetsu-ken Is In Deep Grief

Lupin Falls On Hard Times

Closer Foreground, It's Miss Fujiko

Was Invader's Safe Open?

Goemon Escapes By A Hair's Breadth

The Code Name Of Strategy Is Chushin-gura

Secret Of The Famous Picture "First Dinner Party"

Mona-Lisa Smiles Twice

Was The Bell Rung 108 Times?

Disguise Strategy Using Chewing Gums

The Southern Cross Is Diamonds

Lupin Kills Lupin

Frankenstein Attacks Lupin

The Treasure Left By My Grandfather

A Queer Discovery, Napoleon's Treasure

If You Want To Steal, You Should Go To Paris

1999, A Popcorn Odyssey

Operation Of Oil Dollar

Lupin Falls Into Hell

Strike! Died Ball Strategy

The Old Woman In A Lupin's Race

The Kindness of Jigen

Lupin vs. Two Face Phantom

Goemon's Twin - Riddle Of Zantetsu-ken

The Sect Of Thieves Of Holy Mountain Of Himalaya

Down The Hands By Heat Treasure

Arrest Lupin - Summit Strategy

Poison Magic And Lupin III

Revenge Of The Golden Butterfly

A Magnificent Team Play Strategy

Poison Snakes And Treasure In Pompei

Steal Lupin In Full

The Wolf Must Run - A Pig Falls Down

1980 Moscow Revelation

Grand Race, A Favorite Is Vanished

Anniversary Of The Raid Of The Bank In Miami

Fujiko Escapes By Width Of A Hair - Rescue Strategy

Albatross, The Wings Of Death

The Splendid Defeat Of Lupin

The Mermaid Vanishes In The Midnight Sun

Target Is At 555 Meters

The Treasure Is Showed In Mecca

The Piano Symphony - "Zoo"

Arrest Lupin - Highway Strategy

Jigen, Hats And Guns

God Has Blessed Me With $100 Bills

Great Inheritance Of Hexagon

Farewell, Beloved Lupin



3rd TV Series  (1984; unofficial American titles - translated from Japanese)


The Gold Call in Lupin

Expose the Great Trap

Hello, Hell's Angel

The Telepathy is Love Signal

Unrivaled Goemon

Lupin has Come with the Tank

The Guy is Called the Death Garb

Virgin Mary's Getaway Strategy

The Copy-Man Comes Expensive

Lay a Plot with the Treasure

The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears

The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace

Play a Joke on the Variation

Let's Play the Abduction

The Killer Comes Along Quietly

The Golden Apple has Poison

Are You Sure to get Married?

Show Time is Death Feeling

An Act of Betrayal

Cross Out His Name From the List

Farewell, Legend of Gold

The Fire is not Suitable for a Diamond

The Strategy of Beirut Mobile Bank Robbery

Pray for the Repose of a Your Soul

We are Not Angels

The Ghost of New York

Code Name is Alaskan Star

The Alaskan Star is a Ticket of Hell

Let's Go to the Honey Moon

The Name of Cocktail is Revenge

Win a Losing Game

10 million Dollar's Key

A Genius Boy Plays the Dangerous Game

Manhattan Crisis

Target was Gone Away to Beyond Snow Field

The Eagle Alights on the Glory

Tottsan boils Over with Rage

Letiethia Loved Me

Give a Gold to the Rival

In a Panic at the Treasure

A Night under Martial Law

Plunder a Pyramid of Insurance

Farewell, Cinderella

Our Dad is Thief

Toast to the Con-Game

Worn-Out Wings

A Famous Picture

Tears Stood in Hades's Eyes

Tottsan was Adopted into Family

Kill the Atomic Submarine Ivanov





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