The Mighty Thor





Prod. Notes:


1966,  syndicated

Grantray-Lawrence, Paramount, ARP, Krantz Films, Marvel




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In 1966, at the beginning of Marvel Comics' decades long domination of the super-hero genre, several popular characters made their first appearance in an animated format as part of the syndicated, The Marvel Superheroes. The show consisted of five different segments, each starring a different superhero: The Sub-Mariner, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and The Mighty Thor.

While walking among mortals, the Norse god Thor masqueraded as scrawny human Dr. Donald Blake, but when the doctor tapped his walking stick, it became the mighty hammer Mjolnir, and Blake himself became the legendary God of Thunder. The powerful being spent most of his time defending the earth, but he would often return to his Asgardian home to converse with his father, the all-powerful Odin, or to foil the plots of his brother Loki, God of Mischief.

In order to meet the demands of presenting so many characters each week, the stories were told in a cliffhanger format, requiring fewer scripts. Individual segments for the show were six-minutes in length, three of which combined to make a complete story arc/show. In the end, thirteen complete shows (39 segments) were produced for each series. The creators also saved time through the use of Xerography, a process developed for Disney's 101 Dalmatians that allowed animators to copy pencil sketches directly onto animation cels, thereby saving them from having to redraw any scenes. While this technique resulted in a severe stiffness of the characters and almost no movement, it allowed the animators to churn out regular battles between our heroes and their super-powered nemeses.

Despite the limited animation, Marvel Superheroes won its share of loyal fans. Namor, Captain America and Thor made appearances in later Marvel cartoons, and The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man eventually got shows of their own.





Story 1

Trapped By Loki

Vengeance Of Loki

Defeat Of Loki


Story 2

Chained Evil

Sandu Master Of The Supernatural

Enchanted Hammer


Story 3

Enchantress And Executioner

Giants Walk The Earth

Battle Of the Gods


Story 4

At the Mercy of Loki

Trail Of the Gods

Return To Earth


Story 5

The Absorbing Man

In My Hands, This Hammer

Vengeance Of The Thunder God


Story 6

To Kill A Thunder God

The Day Of The Destroyer

Terror Of The Tomb


Story 7

The Grey Gargoyle

The Wrath Of Odin

Triumph In Stone


Story 8

Mysterious Mister Hyde

Revenge Of Mr. Hyde

Thor's Showdown With Mr. Hyde


Story 9

Every Hand Against Him

The Power Of The Thunder God

The Power Of Odin


Story 10

The Tomorrow Man

Return Of Zarko

Slave Of Tomorrow Man


Story 11

Enter Hercules

When Meet Immortals

Whom The Gods Would Destroy


Story 12

Victory Of Pluto

The Verdict Of Zeus

Thunder In The Netherworld


Story 13

Molto The Lava Man

Invasion Of The Lava Man

Living Rock



Opening Lyrics:



"Cross the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard,

Where the booming heavens roar,

You'll behold in breathless wonder

The God Of Thunder, Mighty Thor!"





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