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Dimmy, Tooter, Casey, Daffney and Occy

Prod. and Airdates:


September 1984 - September 1986, NBC

September 1987 - January 1989, syndicated

Hanna-Barbera Productions

Theme Song: The Snorks



norks were a race of tiny beings that lived beneath the sea in a place called, appropriately enough, Snorkland. In place of a nose they had a snorkel-like appendage growing out the top of their head - thus the name "snorks." Despite the fact that they lived underwater and were only a few inches in height, snorks had much in common with mankind. They lived in houses, frequented drive-in movies and ice cream parlors (or more accurately, ice kelp parlors), traveled about in vehicles, participated in sporting events and held the same types of professions as humans; becoming scientists, teachers, policeman and so forth. Because they lived underwater electricity wouldn't do, so all of their technology was steam powered.

Snorks lived at peace with the local sea life, which swam all about their community. Outside the limits of Snorkland, however, things were far less safe. Of great mystery to most snorks was anything above the surface of the water, which they referred to as "dry space."

Casey, Occy and Allstar


The show consisted of numerous supporting characters and an array of bad guys that kept the storylines from getting stale. Allstar Seaworthy and his group of teenage friends were the central characters of the show. The gang included Allstar, his love interest Casey Kelp, Demitrius "Dimmy" Finster and his girlfriend Daffney Gillfin, as well as Tooter Shellby, who could only communicate by tooting and honking. Accompanying the group was Allstar's pet octopus, Occy. The teens would often visit or seek the advice of Allstar's uncle, the brilliant Dr. Gallio Seaworthy.
A good deal of the problems the friends had to contend with originated from Junior Wetworth, son of Wellington Wetworth, mayor of Snorkland. Junior Wetworth was a chip off the ol' block; he was greedy and craved notoriety and always tried to get ahead using dirty, underhanded tricks - methods his father approved of highly. Junior was often followed around by his younger bother Willy. Willy wasn't underhanded like his brother and father, but he idolized Junior and was therefore always willing to participate in his schemes. Luckily for the other residents of Snorkland, the mayor was kept in check by the Council of Elders, who held the true power in Snorkland.


Beginning in the third season Dimmy Finster was no longer written into the storylines. His orange-skinned replacement was a respected and heroic patrol officer named Corky, who saved Snorkland on countless occasions. Also introduced in the third season was Corky's primary adversary Bigweed, a creature with skin resembling seaweed who wanted to rule Snorkland. Bigweed had the assistance of a female sidekick named Lil' Seaweed and his gang of yuck-yucks (so called because of the sound they made).
Each episode consisted of two individual, 10 minute storylines. Part way through the fourth season storylines were expanded so that each half-hour episode consisted of only a single story.





Michael Bell


B.J. Ward


Nancy Cartwright


Brian Cummings


Frank Welker


Frank Welker

Gov. Wetworth

Frank Nelson, Barry Gordon

Junior Wetworth

Barry Gordon

Mrs. Wetworth

Joan Gardner


Clive Revill

Mr. Seaworthy

Bob Holt

Mrs. Seaworthy

Edie McClurg

Elder 1

Peter Cullen

Elder 2

Peter Cullen

Elder 3

Peter Cullen

Elder 4

Michael Bell

Baby Smallstar

Gail Matthius


Fredricka Weber

Auntie Marina

Mitzi McCall

Mrs. Kelp

Joan Gerber

Mr. Kelp

Bob Ridgely


Rob Paulsen


Michael Bell

Lil' Seaweed

B.J. Ward

snorks title card

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Season 1


Journey to the Source / Vandal Scandal

Hooked on a Feeling / The New Neighbors

Das Boot / Which Snork Snitched?

Allstar's All-Star Band / Snorky Mania

A Snorking We Will Go / Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't

Snork Dance / Snork Marks the Spot

Junior's Secret / The Big Scoop

The Blue Coral Necklace / Up Up and a Wave

Snorkin Surf Party / The Snorkness Monster

A Snork on the Wild Side / Allstar's Double Trouble

Fine Fettered Friends / Time Out for Sissies

Me Jo-Jo, You Daffney / The Old Shell Game

The King of Kelp / Whale Tales


Season 2


Snorkitis is Nothing to Sneeze At / The Whole Toot and Nothing but the Toot

Chicken's of the Sea / Never Cry Wolf-fish

A Hard Day's Snork / Learn to Love Your Snork

Allstar's Fresh Water Adventure / Dr. Strangsnork

It's Just a Matter of Slime / Water Friends For?

Junior's Octopuppy / The Shape of Snorks to Come

Casey and the Doubleheader / The Ugly Yuckfish

Gills Just Wanna Have Fun / Guess What's Coming to Dinner

A Sign of the Tides / The Littlest Mermaid

I Squid You Not / The Backwards Snork


Season 3


All's Whale that Ends Well / Allstar's Last Hour

A Willie Scary Halloween / Sea Shore Sideshow

Freeze Save our Town / Snip and Snap

Junior's Empire / The Golden Dolphin

It's Always Darkest Before the Snork / The Sand Witch

The Shady Shadow / Tooter Loves Tadah

Daffney's Ransom / Salmon Enchanted Evening

Casey in Sandland / Reefberry Madness

A Farewell of Arms / Mummy Snorkest

Jo-Jo in Control / The Day the Ocean Stood Still

Chills, Drills and Spills / The Longest Shortcut

Taming of the Snork / Willie & Smallstar's Big Adventure

A Snork in a Gilded Cage / The Snorkshire Spooking


Season 4


Daffney's Not so Great Escape / Willie's Best Friend

Dr. Strangsnork's Bomb / Day of the Juniors

Ooze Got the Snorks / A Starfish is Born

The Silly Snorkasaurus / Who's Who?

Battle of the Gadgets / Little Lord Occy

Junior's Fuelish Kelp Rush / The Boo Lagoon

How the Snork was Won / In Junior's Image


Summer and Snork

Allstar's Odyssey

In Greed we Trust

Jaws Says the Word


Rhyme and Punishment

The Wizard of Ice

Big City Snorks

Nightmare on Snorkstreet

Robin Snork


Snork Ahoy

The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze

Oh Brother!

The Story Circle

I'll Be Senior

The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth

The First Snork in Space

Wish or Wish Out

All That Glitters is Not Goldfish

My Dinner with Allstar






Junior Wetworth and Mayor Wetworth
Junior Wetworth
Junior Wetworth
the snorks
Dimmy, Tooter and Allstar
Tooter, Dimmy, Casey, Daffney and Allstar
Dimmy Finster and Allstar
Dr. Gallio Seaworthy


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