Superman's Family Album






Prod. Notes:


September 1988 - September 1989,  CBS












The Superman cartoon series produced in 1988 by Ruby-Spears devoted the final four minutes of each episode to a brief snapshot from Superman's past, in segments entitled Superman's Family Album. These biographical segments showed what it was like to grow up as the most powerful boy in Smallville. Unfortunately, super powers only made awkward childhood and adolescent situations even more awkward, as young Clark was forced to deal with his first day at school, an overnight scouting campout, getting a driver's license, his first date, and more.





The Adoption

The Supermarket

At The Babysitter's

The First Day Of School

Overnight With The Scouts

The Circus

Little Runaway

The Birthday Party

The Driver's License

First Date

To Play Or Not To Play


It's Superman





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